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Saturday, February 9, 2013

A simple secret

About how many hours are you spending on the internet?

Do You like to earn some extra cash on internet?

Here I am going to tell you a little secret about e-money.Today millions of people come online for find solutions to their own problems.

Students,Teachers,Managers,Designers,Engineers,Doctors or etc have their own problems to solve.
You know the internet have a lot of resources to solve their matters.

So why can't you use this point to earn some extra cash?

Here is the thing,say you know some websites or webpages related to specific subject or more like W3Schools, Forex, blogger or whatever....
That will be very important to very large group of people,say students.

So you just have to suggest those websites to the people.

But you can't earn money by just suggesting.Now you can use a well-known advertising program like Ad Focus.

First you need a free Ad focus account.Register here,

My referral link

non-referral link

after creating an account you can earn.Just go to you specific webpage,say W3Schools.Then copy the url.(
Now come to your Ad Focus account and paste it here and hit Shrink.

After that you will get a shrink ed link.( Just copy this link and share with the world.

Sharing this link not easy but not as hard as you think.Be creative.For example Use the following methods.

1.Make your own website like me :D
2.Put your shrink ed link in blog comments
3.e-mail to your friends.
4.Upload a simple video on you tube and put the link under it.
5.Put the links in forums if you are allowed to.
6.Join twitter and start tweeting
7.Simply share your link where it is possible(But consider the legal issues of websites,Forums)

You can earn up to $6.50 per 1000 visits to your URLS and they have a referral program that give 20% of revenue made by your referrals.(Note that this won't do any harm to your referrals.They get their normal income as you while you get extra by referring them )

Learn beyond the limits

0.Do you want to be educated?

1.Are you a student?Or a teacher?
2.Are you young?Or old?
3.Are you employed?or unemployed?

No matter in which category you are.If the answer for the 0th question is "Yes".

If you are interested in learning something,even If you don't have money or time to go to an specific institution,You still have more than enough resources on the internet.You just need a computer and a good internet connection!

Even If you are a student and  following a specific course like Engineering,Medicine etc. and still want to learn beyond the limits or get help in your own field the resources are active.

It sounds great huh!

Here I provide some great resources for good self learners to put their valuable time and learn something free!!

This is a good website for thousands of students interested in various fields like Engineering, Medicine, Management,Economy,History and etc.They provide valuable leaning resources like videos and pdfs  from well-known institutions free..

This is a good website for the people who are interested in web designing.I heard that some people have done online jobs after  learning web designing from this site.So they provide such a valuable knowledge for free.

This site also provide a lot of educational resources for free.Go and see whether they have the thing you look for.

This is for learners who are interested in programming.

Even more....
I included only a few sample resources here.But there are thousands o resources for you to learn.So take time to search what you want to learn and for that Google God will help you

Monday, February 4, 2013

Change the look of what you see at the start

Tired of seeing default logon screen?

So make a change.Make your logon screen a colorful place.

With only a few clicks your logon screen will become yours.Here's the tool

Great things aren't always expensive:-)

GNU Image Manipulation Program(Gimp) is an image editing tool that can be used to edit your photos.
It has various kind of tools for make your work easy and fast.

So check this out.

GIMP is released under the GPLv3 license as a free Open source software.So If you are good at programming you can even change the way that GIMP works or its look!

More news..

Step to the amazing 3D world

Are you interested in making 3D films,visual effects or video games?Looking for a great software for a minimum cost?

Okay,This is the best thing for it.

World's best open source and free 3D computer graphics software product!!!!!BLENDER 

You can use it as a alternative to Maya or 3D max for 3D modeling,Animating,Fluid and Smoke simulation and for a lot of various kind of purposes.

 See more what Blender can do.

It also features a built-in game engine.

So DOWNLOAD the software here for free.

If you are interested in 3D graphics and learn more about it you have enough sources here.See Blender video tutorials.